How We Got Started

In 2015 I was sitting on my boat thinking about what I was going to do to stay busy after retirement.
Many things ran through my mind, with nothing specific that touched my heart.

During the coarse of a work day, I spotted a billboard advertising fresh local honey, and looked under the sign and saw a hive supply store.

Remembering my High School Biology teacher, Richard Hicks, who was a part time hive inspector for the State of Nevada, and having a hive in my parents back yard with his encouragement, I knew this is what I wanted to do during retirement.

In November, 2015 I attended a First Year Beekeepers class, and shortly after, I established Conway Family Apiaries and started four hives.

My youngest daughter Jen was confused but very supportive.

Me, being me, I wasn't happy with my local hive supply store's hours, especially when I really needed something RIGHT NOW, Jen suggested we open our own store so she didn't have to, well let's just say, my thought process was rerouted.

So, here we are.

We both would like to welcome you one and all to Conway Family Apiaries online Store.

Thanks for stopping by.

Steve and Jennifer Conway